Bạch Vân Ðộng
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Tác Giả : Lê Kim Liên - Từ Chơn

Bạch Vân Ðộng

Chinese: 白雲洞 

The Cave of White Cloud. 

His Holiness Hộ Pháp explained: " According to Buddhist scriptures, our planet has experienced its second life after seven transformations, each of which lasted 61 million years. The earth was dead once (its corpse is now the moon). The moon has been known as a port of call for angels and saints before their reincarnation on earth. They had to stay on the moon for a while to contact the gods on earth and get used to an earthly life.

As far back as the ancient time, the moon was dubbed Bạch Vân Động. Through a lot of European seances, it was called Loge Blanche (French for Bạch Vân Động). Its religious leader is Bạch Vân Hoà Thượng (the White Cloud Monk), a great great grandchild of Từ Hàng Đạo Nhơn, and of Phật Quan Âm. Bạch Vân Hoà Thượng has reincarnated twice in France: first, as Cardinal Richelieu, then as Duke La Roche Foucault. In Việt nam, he reincarnated as Trình Quốc Công Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm, also called Trạng Trình".