Bàng môn Tả đạo
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Tác Giả : Lê Kim Liên - Từ Chơn

Bàng môn Tả đạo

Chinese: 旁門左道

False doctrine, false religion. 

The Collection of Divine Messages: 

"When Bạch Ngọc Kinh and Lôi Âm Tự legislated for the Third Amnesty Period, the Devil started to hinder the true religion. He even borrowed My name (i.e. God). However, he dared not sit on My throne. He knew for sure that I used this magic (spiritualism) to preach, so, in the same way, he changed his Tam Thập Lục Động into Tam Thập Lục Thiên, and impersonated other Angels, Saints, Immortals and Buddhas to establish a false religion."

Note: "Any schismatic groups, which are based on Caodaism, but operate without obeying the Caodaist Sacerdotal Council, are not considered God's religion. They have to be considered false religions by true Caodaists." The Eighth Religious Decree, signed by Giáo Tông and Hộ Pháp, August 25th 1934.