Bát Tiên
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Tác Giả : Lê Kim Liên - Từ Chơn

Bát Tiên

Bát Tiên

Chinese: 八仙

The eight Legendary Chinese Immortals.

1. Li T’ieh Guai (Iron-crutch Li) with an iron crutch and a gourd (wu lou).
2. Chung-Li Chuan with a magical fan and sometimes a peach.
3. Lu Dong-Pin with a magic sword or a fly-whisk.
4. Lan T’sai Ho with a basket of flowers.
5. Chang Kuo-Lao with a bamboo walking stick and rode a mule.
6. He Hsien Ku with a magical lotus blossom and a fly-whisk.
7. Han Hsiang Tzu with a flute. 
8. Ts’ao Guao-chiu, with a jade tablet of admission to court, and sometimes a feather fan.

They are worshiped inside the Tây Ninh Caodai Temple.