Càn Khôn (Quả Càn Khôn)
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Tác Giả : Lê Kim Liên - Từ Chơn

Càn Khôn (Quả Càn Khôn)

Quả Càn Khôn

Chinese: 果乾坤

The Universe (The Universe Sphere).

God taught Phối Sư Thái Bính Thanh how to make the Universe Sphere (The Collection of Divine Messages):

"Bính, I assign you to make the Universe Sphere. Do you understand? (Laughing) A globe like the earth. Got that? It should be 3.333 meters in diameter . I know it is too big! It should be that big though because it contains magic power.  Paint it sky-blue. Paint stars and the constellation Ursa Major. There are thirty six heavens and four Great Continents in the space, which are not stars. The other seventy two Earths and three thousand Worlds are stars. They are 3,072 stars in total. You should have them all painted. Consult Western Astronomy Books. On the constellation Ursa Major, paint the two ship rudders ( the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper) and the North Star. Paint the Divine Eye on the North Star. Understood? The sphere had better be made of glass, in which a lamp always lights. That is an invaluable prayer for humans. However, just do whatever you can if it is too late for the convention." 

History of the Universal Sphere in Tây Ninh Temple.

The first Universe Sphere was made from bamboo and cloth on September 17th 1926. It was, however, burnt out except the Divine Eye. Another sphere was made after that with the same Divine Eye. 

In 1941, the French Government imprisoned Hộ Pháp, seized the Temple, destroyed the sphere and threw the Divine Eye out. Some followers picked it up and put it away.  

When the French government was overthrown by the Japanese, followers renovated the Temple and made another sphere with the old Divine Eye. 

On August 30th 1946, the French Government released Hộ Pháp. The Temple was renovated again. Another sphere was made this time, but then broke a little later. On January 29th 1964, what is now the Universe Sphere was put on the Temple Altar. The only thing that has still been used  is the original Divine Eye, which is believed to be painted by Thượng Phẩm.