Long mã phụ Hà đồ
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Tác Giả : Lê Kim Liên - Từ Chơn

Long mã phụ Hà đồ

Long mã phụ Hà đồ

Chinese: 龍馬負河圖

The Dragon Horse carrying the Yellow River Map.(lit.)

Longma or the Dragon Horse, a winged horse with dragon scales in Chinese mythology, is said to have appeared from the Yellow River. Fu Xi, a legendary King, saw the markings on its back (also called the Yellow River Map) and created the arrangement of the trigrams called the Earlier Heaven Bagua.

On the roof of the Cao Dai Central Temple is Nghinh Phong Đài (Wind Tower), where there is the sculpture of the Dragon Horse running on the earth (called the 68th earth by Caodaists). The Dragon Horse is running from the East to the West, but looking backwards, which is believed to be a mysterious prophecy.  

In various Caodaist ceremonies, a Dragon Horse Dance is usually performed to remind believers of the prophecy.