Rồng (Long)
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Tác Giả : Lê Kim Liên - Từ Chơn

The dragon, a legendary creature, has various forms and shapes in many cultures. In Vietnam, it looks like the Chinese dragon. The Vietnamese think their ancestors were the dragon's children. The dragon is also associated with power and majesty, so it is usually used to symbolize the king.

In Caodaist Temple in Tây Ninh, Việt Nam, many colorful dragons are carved everywhere. They are said to be the secret prophecies waiting for completely virtuous persons to interpret. Besides, Judgement Day is called Long Hoa Hội or the Dragon and Flower Competition, meaning selected good men (dragons) and good women (flowers) will go to Heaven.

Kinh Ngọc Hoàng Thượng Ðế: 

Thời thừa lục long, 

Du hành bất tức. 

Khí phân Tứ Tượng, 

Oát triền vô biên.

Prayer to The Jade Emperor:

Always riding on the six dragons,

God travels around without interruption.

Qi changes into the Four Phenomena

And then keeps transforming forever.