Tam cang & Ngũ thường
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Tác Giả : Lê Kim Liên - Từ Chơn

Tam cang & Ngũ thường

The Three Bonds and the Five Constants.

According to Caodaism, in the Third Amnesty Confucianism is considered one of the three major religions (Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism). Also, adherents are encouraged to fulfill Nhơn Đạo or the secular duties before carrying out Thiên Đạo or the godly duties. To do so, a male Caodaist needs to practice the basic Confucian ethical concepts, which are the Three Bonds: (ruler to ruled, father to son and husband to wife) and The Five Constants: (humaneness, righteousness, proper rite, knowledge and integrity). A female Caodaist needs to cultivate Tam Tùng (the Three Obediences) and Tứ Đức (The Four Virtues). 

(Also see: Tam Tùng & Tứ Đức)

Thánh Ngôn Hiệp Tuyển:
Thầy dạy Nữ phái biết trọng Tam tùng Tứ đức, Nam phái Tam cang Ngũ thường. Hễ Nhơn đạo thành là phù hạp Thiên đạo, nghe à!

The Collection of Divine Messages:
Disciples, female followers have to respect the Three Obediences and the Four Virtues and male the Three Bonds and the Five Constants. Remember that you can't meet the godly duties until you have completed the secular duties.