Sermon 04: The laws constitute a true secular exotericism
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Sách : The Esoteric Doctrine of Caodaism - Sermons by His Holiness HỘ PHÁP PHẠM CÔNG TẮC
Tác Giả : Translated by CHRISTOPHER HARTNEY and TỪ CHƠN

Sermon 04: The laws constitute a true secular exotericism

Lunar Calendar: 12th Day of the 5th Month, Year of the Buffalo.
Gregorian Calendar: June 8th 1949

In my last sermons, I sketched out religious exotericism and esotericism. I will discuss this in more detail and just now I am continuing my talk about secular exotericism and esotericism.

Like I said, people pursue two major ways of life: the material life or the spiritual way. I told you about how people manage to survive; peace and war consecutively have influenced human development ever since.

In prehistoric times, humans had a lot of difficulties. They did not know how to build houses, so they had to shelter in caves. They were easily killed by wild animals and natural disasters, so they grouped to fight. Then, they fought not only against wild animals but also against other people. Next, increasing population forced them to form nations. It was hard to keep a society in order because everyone wants to defend themselves first, that is why there are laws and law enforcers.

Law enforcement, however, is so difficult because humans nowadays always prefer freedom. Intelligent enough, they find out various ways to fight against what deprives themselves of their freedom. Consequently, laws are always broken either directly or indirectly. As a result, it is extremely hard to ensure the security of the social realm.

At first there were wars between tribes, then countries and then the whole world at last. The more population, the more wars! Like China, so crowded is it that wars were made throughout its history.

Humans have defeated whatever deprives themselves of their own rights. They never give up until they attain that freedom. If brutal power is still used in self-defense, there is no peace in the world. Unfortunately, the present warlike world shows that there are no true laws - none which properly satisfy people's desire.

Hence, it is those laws which elevate the people's wishes that will survive human advancements and eternally secure their happiness. Those laws constitute a true secular exotericism.
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