Sermon 08: How esotericism relates to exotericism
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Sách : The Esoteric Doctrine of Caodaism - Sermons by His Holiness HỘ PHÁP PHẠM CÔNG TẮC
Tác Giả : Translated by CHRISTOPHER HARTNEY and TỪ CHƠN

Sermon 08: How esotericism relates to exotericism

Lunar Calendar: 4th Day of the 6th Month, Year of the Buffalo.
Gregorian Calendar: June 29th 1949

My friends, tonight I will discuss how esotericism relates to exotericism or, more understandably, how religious law relates to secular law.

We know that the universal principle of God is that everything is created to serve living beings, I have reminded you that soil has to sacrifice itself to feed vegetation, then that vegetation is then fed to animals, including humans, who are even more superior, that is why ancient laws force animals to serve humanity. Unfortunately, humans erroneously think they should kill animals for food.

Then at a higher level, humanity has to serve God, do you remember that people were killed, burned, and then offered to God in the distant past?

According to religious history, sacrifice was practiced for a rather long time (40,000 years), as a result, the number of victims must have been too large to count! About 6,000 years ago, according to Hebrew law, animals were sacrificed and offered to God instead, somewhere on earth people are still doing the same today, is that God's requirement?

No, I am sure it is not. God Himself creates and nourishes living beings, so it does not make sense that He requires us to sacrifice them. It is true that the universal law of service exists in all realms from material things to mankind.

Take a beehive or a termite colony, the queen bee and the termite queen are the ones who serve their community the best because they lay eggs to preserve their species. 150,000 years ago, calling their ancestors "Manu" (Sanskrit for human progenitor), humans imitated the organization of the beehive and the termite colony to form their societies.

Any nation in the world should have a law system by which it can operate, to execute that law there should be a governing body whose leader is the King, the President or whatever title, the governing body should help that national leader actually serve the people, politics is all about serving the people.

Now what about God? How does He serve all living beings in the universe? His method is to have living beings serve themselves, God grows vegetation and animals in order to serve humans, God's service is like that of a national leader.

In our time, Caodaism is established, it serves everyone on this 68th earth and God forms His court on earth - the Caodaist Sacerdotal Council.

Now we realize what authority is like, the queen bee, the termite queen or the human king are supreme leaders thanks to the service that they give, even God has to serve all living beings, consequently, good service produces authority.

The Caodaist Sacerdotal Council is actually God's court on earth, so it has all the titles of those in God's court in heaven; Caodaist Dignitaries are equivalent of Angels, Saints, Immortals and Buddhas in heaven, like a king, who pays his mandarins, God will pay the Caodaist Sacerdotal Council by giving them heavenly status.

God came and urged humans, especially the Vietnamese people to sign the Third Covenant – this promises to give divine status as a payment - but on the condition that they are willing to serve all the living beings on this 68th planet.
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