Sermon 09: To liberate ourselves from the cycle of reincarnation
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Sách : The Esoteric Doctrine of Caodaism - Sermons by His Holiness HỘ PHÁP PHẠM CÔNG TẮC
Tác Giả : Translated by CHRISTOPHER HARTNEY and TỪ CHƠN

Sermon 09: To liberate ourselves from the cycle of reincarnation

Lunar Calendar: 8th Day of the 6th Month, Year of the Buffalo.
Gregorian Calendar: July 3rd 1949

Tonight, before talking about how Caodaist Esotericism relates to Caodaist Exotericism, I again remind you of a vital thing which you must remember and follow.

Last time I said that the basic law of the universe stipulates that mankind exists on earth in order to lead as well as to serve all living beings, consequently, our human fate is to serve other living beings, without this service, humans work themselves against morality and will not be able to free themselves from the cycle of reincarnation.

I also elaborated upon the hypocritical intention of secular politics, politicians generally say they will help reduce the Four Sufferings and they woo the people in this way to achieve greater status, they borrow the idea of eradication of sorrow from religion, but they do not really serve the people. Unlike them, we religious men are predetermined to help reduce human suffering and we have to attain that goal without any demands.

Our intention is different from that of politicians, so secular life (politics) can never conjoin with the religious life (religion), we religious people never want authority, we practice a religion because we want to fulfill our destiny, that's the only thing we want – even though politicians are always saying that we steal their authority.

Actually, it is politicians that usually trick people into obeying their orders, well, I want to make it clear again that our duty is to serve the people, to help them get rid of the Four Sufferings as identified by the Buddha.

Now that we understand the close relation between religious exotericism and esotericism, you may comprehend why I have forced you to constantly attend Caodaist services, I haven't done this for my own benefit, it's my responsibility to facilitate the achievement of your own enlightenment.

Additionally, I previously told you there are three reasons why people incarnate on earth.

  • First, they have to pay off their karmic debts.
  • Second, they further their education for their evolutionary process.
  • Third, they want to attain higher divine positions.

Regardless of what reason, people must serve all living beings in order to accomplish their mission.

If you continue to listen to me further, you will see that God never uses His authority, he comes to give His children authority, but will not let them overuse it.

Serving others is the way to liberate ourselves from the cycle of reincarnation, you surely do not know to whom you owed a debt from your previous lives, however, while you are serving other people, you may, if predestined by God, encounter your creditor and finally pay off your debt, for those who come to earth to study how heaven operates, these souls must also serve other living beings.

Their work will show them what they want to achieve, nothing is better than serving living beings on behalf of God, to do so we are taught to offer our three treasures (physical body, mind and soul) to God so that these may be used as tools to serve all living beings.

Every day, we pray to God and to the Tam GiáoThree Religions: Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. [7] that we offer our body, our mind and our soul to God and so they are not our own anymore, this will mean that now we only pay back rather than cause more karmic debts.

Being a member of His Holy Body (the Caodaist Sacerdotal Council), we are now part of God, if something bad happened to us it will not be our fault, when we return to heaven, we can say we have offered ourselves to God, so what we have done on earth will not be our selfish actions anymore, the only thing we need to do now is observe the Caodaist Canonical Codes.

Taking God's orders, we become a servant to all living beings, we commit no more crime and we become liberated from karmic debts.

God tells us not to live for ourselves and we obey Him, it is that we determine our fate and free ourselves from the cycle of birth and death.

[7] Three Religions: Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism.
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