Sermon 11: The opposition of Religion and Secularity
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Sách : The Esoteric Doctrine of Caodaism - Sermons by His Holiness HỘ PHÁP PHẠM CÔNG TẮC
Tác Giả : Translated by CHRISTOPHER HARTNEY and TỪ CHƠN

Sermon 11: The opposition of Religion and Secularity

Lunar Calendar: 18th Day of the 6th Month, Year of the Buffalo.
Gregorian Calendar: July 13th 1949

Previously, I told you religion and secularity are two opposing factors, that opposition comes from the nguyên khíPrimordial energy. [12] of all beings and of all things in the universe. Philosophically speaking, our body appears on earth because of desire, which is the most important of the seven human feelings (joy, love, satisfaction, anger, hatred, sorrow and desire), the feeling of desire controls all of the other feelings.

The souls of the universe can be put into two categories: Tiểu Chơn Hồn (junior souls) and Đại Chơn Hồn (senior souls), the former includes the souls of the material world, the souls of vegetation, and the souls of animals, the latter includes the souls of gods, the souls of Saints, the souls of Immortals and the souls of Buddhas.

Human souls are a little special because they can be either junior or senior, depending on an individual's desire, obviously, a person can decide to become an animal or a Buddha, so there is a constant struggle between animal (evil) and Buddha (good) in our mind.

Similarly, there is the same conflict in human society, religious people want to follow the Buddha while secular people want to follow the animalistic, the fact that theism remains in opposition to materialism has been an unsolved problem so far, even the Buddha could not solve it.

You may want to know if it is solved this time when God comes and founds Caodaism? Yes, it surely is! God distinctly shows these two ways of life to His children, telling them to make a sensible choice according to their true soul, they can become whatever they want to be, a Buddha or an animal.

Presently, mankind is suffering so much, it is even on the verge of self-destruction, but the problem still has not been solved yet, besides, the force of the animal is still more powerful than the force of a Buddha.

Founded more than 2,500 years ago, Buddhism is losing its control over the animalistic tendencies inside humans, therefore, people around the world struggle like animals and self-destruction will be inevitable sooner or later, if humans become wise enough, we can prevent that.

The Caodaist esotericism I am discussing is nothing less than the offering of directions to you so that you can make a proper self-evaluation, imagine a prince, who will succeed his father – he does not know what a king should be or what a king should do, how then can he be a good ruler ?

As soon as God's children understand His teachings, make proper self-evaluation and take their religious responsibilities seriously, the Caodaist community is kept in order and the security that God grants humans is ensured.

Presently the Caodaist community is too chaotic, that's why people thought it was a superstitious organization, as bold as brass, some groups of Caodaist adherents established the so-called Tả Đạo Bàng MônA fake religion. [13], they make a false self-evaluation and have the mistaken idea that they are major saviors of the world.

Since esotericism is extremely important, I want to publicize it as much as possible, from now on, I will only preach about it on the days of Sóc VọngThe first and fifteenth days of a lunar month. [14], when more Caodaist adherents attend the ceremonies, if you are too lazy to come, I will only tell you these things when you are let into Nhà TịnhThe Caodaist Meditation House. [15].

[12] Primordial energy.
[13] A fake religion.
[14] The first and fifteenth days of a lunar month.
[15] The Caodaist Meditation House.
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